Tokyo Joshi Pro Results 5/4/21: Big Title Changes And Yuki Arai Debuts


Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling results from Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 at  Korakuen Hall live on WRESTLE UNIVERSE:

This is a no fans show because of the state of emergency in Japan due to the ongoing virus pandemic. Ring announcer Sayuri Namba was at ringside to welcome viewers. There was a mini pre show and she interviewed Rika Tatsumi, Yukihi Kamifuku. Mirai Maiumi and Suzume, Maki Itoh and Arisa Endo, Miyu Yamashita, Hikari Noa, Miu Watanabe and Yuki Arai, 

Stewart Fulton, Mark Pickering, and Chris Brookes are the English broadcast team. This is being simulcast on ABEMA with a Japanese crew. Azusa Takigawa is doing the voice overs for all of the video packages.

Miu Watanabe, Raku, and Hikari Noa performed their songs and officially opened up the show.

Pom Harajuku and Haruna Neko beat Mahiro Kiryu and Moka Miyamoto when Harajuku pinned Miyamoto after the Pom de Justice. 

Hyper Misao, Nodoka Tenma, and Yuki Aino beat Nao Kakuta, Raku, and Maika Kobashi when Tenma pinned Kobashi after the Killswitch.

Maki Itoh and Arisu Endo beat Miu Watanabe and Yuki Arai when Itoh submitted Arai to the Itoh Deluxe. This was the debut of Arai who is a member of the Japanese idol group SKE48. Itoh cut a promo on her afterwards. She said Arai is weak but showed courage transitioning from idol to pro wrestler. She told her to keep fighting and come after her one day again. Arai said she will get better and asked for fans to keep supporting her.

A video aired showing all 23 members of the Tokyo Joshi Pro roster will be part of the big CyberFight Festival 2021 on 6/6/21 at Saitama Super Arena. That event will feature matches from DDT, NOAH, Tokyo Joshi, and Ganbare. It will air live on WRESTLE UNIVERSE.

Yuka Sakazaki won a #1 con. Princess of Princess Title 3-Way Match over Mizuki and Shoko Nakajima by pinning Nakajima. Really good match and a TJPW match of the year contender. Sakazaki will face the winner of today’s main event for the Princess of Princess Title at CyberFight Festival on 6/6/21.

Hikari Noa won the International Princess Title from Yuki Kamifuku after a Blizzard Suplex off the top rope followed up by a second one on the mat for the pin. This is the first title win in the company for Noa.

Princess Tag Team Champions Sakisama and Mei Saint-Michel beat Mirai Maiumi and Suzume when Mei submitted Suzume. Sakazaki gloated after the match as Mei idolized her in awe.

Miyu Yamashita won the Princess of Princess Title from Rika Tatsumi after a series of Skull Kicks followed up by the Crash Rabbit Heat for the pin in another TJPW match of the year candidate. Yuka Sakazaki was shown patiently watching on in the venue. Yamashita is now a 3-time Princess of Princess Champion. Maki Itoh applauded her at ringside. Yamashita cut a victory promo. She said it was lonely without the fans again but she knows they’re watching at home. She said no matter the circumstances are the fight goes on. She asked Yuka Sakazaki to come to the ring to build up the 6/6 match. Sakazaki said the Princess of Princess Title is the pinnacle and only spoke briefly. She dropped the mic and confidently walked out of the ring. Yamashita walked back to the locker room with Maki Itoh who was overjoyed for Yamashita’s title win.

The next show is 5//5/21 at 3am EST back live on WRESTLE UNIVERSE.