Hurricane Pro Wrestling Results 6/19/21


Hurricane Pro Wrestling results from Beaumont, Texas, USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ at Ford Park on 6/19/21 live on Title Match Network:

Sammy Kiss is the play by play announcer. 

Jared Wayne pinned Chris Syndel after a full nelson slam. 

Alexander Frey vs. Johnny Badgate went to a no contest. Ricardo Cage ran in the ring to go after Frey who turned on him at a previous show. Badgate attacked Cage from behind and formed an alliance with Frey. They both beat up on Cage. Badgate choked Cage out with wrist tape.

HPW Cruiserweight Champion Miranda Alize pinned Lucas Riley after a Shining Wizard. Good match with lots of technical wrestling and fast paced back and forth action. 

Tama Ku pinned Billy Wayne after a striking shot when Wayne tried to grab him in an arm bar. After the match, Syndel got in the ring and gave Ku a low blow. Syndel and a Wayne briefly laid out Ku with a double team move but it was short lived. Ku popped back up and chased the heels away.

CeCe Chanel (aka Princess Aussie in WOW) and Heather Monroe beat Vipress and Renee Michelle when Chanel submitted Vipress to a clutch choke hold.

Edge Stone pinned Slice Boogie after what looked like a brain buster. After the match, Stone called out HPW Heavyweight Champion Ryan Davidson. The referee tried to tell him that Davidson wasn’t there. He forced the referee to go with him to the locker room to make sure Davidson wasn’t there.

July 24 is the next show at Ford Park with HPW Heavyweight Champion Ryan Davidson, Women’s Champion Lady Frost, and Chelsea Green.

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