Ice Ribbon held a press conference on 6/14/21 to announce the line up for the big 6/27/21 “Goodbye Our Matsuya Uno” show at Korakuen Hall. 

Kurumi Hiiragi spoke. She said she will be getting surgery on a torn ACL on her left knee which will put her out of action for an indefinite period of time. She and Hiroyo Matsumoto have relinquished the International Ribbon Tag Team Titles due to the situation. There will be a tournament for the vacant titles to come. Matsumoto will be in it with a new tag team partner. Hiiragi had the same injury on her right knee six years ago.

Here is the card for 6/27/21:

FantastlICE Champion Risa Sera vs. Rina Yamashita in a Fluorescent LightTube Death Match.

Suzu Suzuki vs. Yuko Miyamoto in a Hardcore Match.

Uno Matsuya, Cherry, and Tae Honma vs. Tsukasa Fujimoto, Totoro Satsuki, and Maya Yukihi in Matsuya’s retirement match.

Banny Oikawa, Hamuko Hoshi, and Ibuki Hoshi vs. Maika Ozaki, Thekla, and Ram Kaicho 

Tsukushi Haruka vs. NATSUMI