Pro Wrestling WAVE "Catch The WAVE 2021" Tournament results from Saitama, Japan at IR Dojo on 6/8/21: 

Nagisa Nozaki went to a 15-minute time limit draw with Itsuki Aoki in a Gatling Block match. They both got a point each for the draw. Nozaki now has 3 points. Aoki has 1 point.

Hibiscus Mii pinned Haruka Umesaki with an inside cradle in 9:54 for 2 points in a Compliance Block match. Mii has 2 points. Umesaki has 0.

Tomoko Watanabe pinned YAKO after a lariat in 11:06 of a Jealousy Block match for 2 points. Watanabe has 2 points. YAKO has 0.

Sakura Hirota pinned Mio Momono in a Potential Block match in 11:58 for 2 points. Hirota has 2 points. Momono has 2 points.