Mission Pro “Play Hard, Hustle Harder” Results 7/31/21: Thunder Rosa vs. Janai Kai, New #1 Contender


Mission Pro Wrestling “Play Hard, Hustle Harder” news and results from Conroe,Texas, USA 🇺🇸 at Southern Star Brewing Company on 7/31/21 live on Title Match Network:


Mission Pro Wrestling will still continue even with Thunder Rosa now in AEW full time. The company just bought a ring and trailer for themselves several days ago. This show is the first time the ring is being used. MPW had been renting one until now.

Tonight’s broadcast team will be Brittani Nikole and News 4 San Antonio’s Joe Galli. Sam Leterna is the ring announcer. 

Robert Bayne, JP Harlow, Lady Bird Monroe, and Gigi Rey were the talent picked to have showcase matches on the card by Thunder Rosa from her training seminar that took place earlier today. The seminar was open to both women and men.

Abadon did a pic and autograph signing at the building but she was never scheduled to compete tonight.

MPW will hit the road for a show in Greensboro, North Carolina on 8/14/21.

There will be a MPW benefit show for the San Antonio Salvation Army on 8/20/21. Thunder Rosa and her family have volunteered for the chapter on occasions over the years.

In the interest of transparency, Joshi Sun-Times is one of the sponsors of MPW “Play Hard, Hustle Harder”. We don’t not have any input in the booking or production of the event, it’s only a sponsorship and advertising opportunity for us.


Robert Bayne beat JP Harlow by referee stoppage with choke submission hold. Bayne’s manager Kaitlyn Alexis distracted the referee to lead to the finish. This was a special men’s showcase match.

Dani Mo pinned Kenzie Paige after a running springboard crossbody block from the top rope cable.

Dulce Tormenta and Madi Wrenkowski went to a Double Count Out with The Renegade Twins (Robyn and Charlette) as all four were brawling on the floor.

Skye Blue pinned Zoey Skye with a back bridging cover. Zoey Skye was formerly known as Angel Dust and Dust in RISE and SHIMMER. She’s held the RISE Title and RISE Tag Team Titles. She is a former Heart of SHIMMER Champion. She held the main title for the MPWA group in Michigan under the Zoey Skye name.


Gigi Rey pinned Lady Bird Monroe after a back breaker on the knee in the special women’s showcase match.

Thunder Rosa beat Janai Kai by choke submission. Excellent match that had an intense mix of everything. Mat work, great exchanges, brawling on the outside, and lots of strikes and kicks. Rosa got on the mic and said Kai was the toughest challenge she’s had in a while. She said MPW is now self sufficient and thanked the fans for their support. She called out AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker and wants another title shot which got a big reaction from the crowd.

Jasmine Allure won a #1 con. MPW Title 3-Way Match over JennaCide and Vert Vixen by pinning JennaCide with a roll up and holding the tights. Allure came out with Ava Wilde and The Renegade Twins but the referee would only allow one person of the “alluring” stable to stay at ringside. The twins went to the back. Wilde got on the ring to try to interfere but fell to the floor after colliding into Vixen and JennaCide. JennaCide looked like she was about to pin Vixen when Allure scrambled back in the ring to steal the win. This was supposed to be a second round of a #1 con. Tournament with Alex Gracia vs. Allure and Vixen vs. JennaCide, but Gracia did not make it to the show. Allure had her own heel stable poster made up for the show.

MPW Champion La Rosa Negra pinned Holidead after the frog splash in an incredible match which earned a standing ovation. They were given lots of time. Negra did a torpedo dive on Holidead who was laid out in the front row. It looked amazing and it hit the target with no fans injured in the process. Holidead later grabbed her and swung her a couple of times into the concrete wall. Both are fan favorites so the crowd was split. After the match, Allure, The Renegade Twins, and Wilde came out to surround the ring. Madi Wrenkowski and Dulce Tormenta ran in to back Negra up. The heels didn’t attack and backed off.

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