OZ Academy Results 7/18/21: Title Change And Relinquished


OZ Academy results from Aichi, Japan 🇯🇵 at Nagoya Diamond Hall on 7/18/21:

Sonoko Kato and Kakeru Sekiguchi beat Aja Kong and Momoka Hanazono when Kato pinned Hanazono after a diving leg drop in 17:09.

AKINO pinned Yuu with a Frankensteiner  in 15:56

Mayumi Ozaki,Yumi Ohka, and Sakura Hirota beat Tsubasa Kuragaki, Itsuki Aoki,and Hiroyo Matsumoto when Ohka pinned Aoki after a big boot in 21:48. Kuragaki and Aoki will defend the Tag Team Titles against Ozaki and Ohka on 8/1/21 in Oska.

Maya Yukihi pinned Kaori Yoneyama to win the OZ Academy Openweight Title after blowing mist and the Wheelwind for the pin in 11:34. Yukihi gave the title back to officials after the match. The new champion will be decided at Mayumi Ozaki’s 35th Anniversary Show at Korakuen Hall on 8/18. Yukihi, Ozaki,Yumi Ohka, and Saori Anou will be paired off into tag teams in an elimination match. The final two wrestlers will then have a singles bout for the vacant title.