The List Of Joshi Wrestlers With COVID-19 Continues Grow

It’s unfortunate and very disturbing that so many female pro wrestlers in Japan have tested positive for COVID-19 in just the past few days to the point that we keep getting more names added after we posted news on previous lists of names. 

Maya Yukihi of Ice Ribbon tested positive on 7/28/21 but she is asymptomatic. She will miss the 7/31/21 and 8/1/21 shows. Those shows are still scheduled to go on as on now with 7/31 available to watch live on Nico pay-per-view. Yukihi will be quarantined until 8/7/21.

Madeline who works for Diana, Pro Wrestling WAVE, Ice Ribbon, and Pure-J was not feeling well on 7/28/21 and tested positive. 

Legendary referee Tommy Ran tested positive as well but she is asymptomatic. Ran has been a referee since the early 1980s for numerous Joshi groups starting with All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling when she was a teenager. She had been wearing a plastic face shield while officiating matches for Marvelous and WAVE since the start of the virus pandemic.

Momo Tani, Makoto, Chikayo Nagashima, and Itsuki Aoki also all tested positive recently.

A few wrestlers are being pulled off of the OZ Academy and WAVE events on Sunday out of precaution after being in close contact to those who have tested positive.

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