EVE “WRESTLE QUEENDOM 4” Results 8/27/21: A Big Return And A Big Title Change


EVE “WRESTLE QUEENDOM 4” results from London, U.K. πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ at 229 The Venue on 8/27/21 live on YouTube: 

Half of the show is free and the second half is $10 USD to view. The main event of tonight’s action will see EVE Champion Rhia O’Reilly defending the title in a 30-woman Rumble. EVE International Champion Kasey defends in a Gauntlet Match against Emersyn Jayne (aka Sammii Jayne), Debbie Keitel, NightShade, Hyan, and Maddison Miles. Several of the women in the title matches will also be in singles matches on the card. The mysterious Gambler will also appear on the show against Skye Smitson.

Leah Owens and Sophia Lang are the broadcast team. Lolo Brow is the ring announcer. This is the first EVE event in 18 months because of the virus pandemic. #WQ4 is the hashtag.

A few minutes before bell time, EVE owner Dann Read told the announcers that Skye Smitson hasn’t arrived to the building yet. He said if she doesn’t make it they will rearrange the card.

Dann Read welcomed the crowd. He said they lost one of their team during the pandemic. His name is Nick Lesslar. He was an EMT that looked after the crew. They gave a memorial tribute to him on the video wall.

Mercedez Blaze pinned Clementine after a spear off the second rope followed up by a rope hanging stunner. 
Alex Windsor beat Zoe Lucas by Windsor Knot submission in an intense back and forth match. Lucas came out wearing a tiara and cape after winning REV Pro’s “Queen Of The Ring” tournament a few weeks ago. This was Windsor’s first match back after suffering an injury four years ago.

Laura Di Matteo pinned Angel Hayze after a tombstone piledriver. Di Matteo wanted to shake hands after the match but Hayze rolled out of the ring and stumbled back to the locker room.

They showed backstage footage of Rhia O’Rielly and her heel stable attacking Jetta backstage. Jetta is one of the roster members scheduled for the Rumble main event.

The Gauntlet Match for the EVE International Title is up next. Debbie Keitel vs. Maddison Miles stars things off. Keitel pinned Maddison Miles after the Midnight Expresso pedigree finisher.

Emersyn Jayne is out next. She immediately hit the Shadowfax on Keitel to try and get an easy count out win but Keitel was able to get back in the ring just in time. Jayne pinned Keitel after a DVD.

Hyan is out next. Emersyn Jayne pinned Hyan after the Shadowfax followed up by a running knee strike. 

NightShade is out next so Kasey will be the last competitor to face either NightShade or Jayne. Emersyn Jayne pinned Nightshade after a reversal. 

EVE International Champion Kasey ran out with a chair and immediately hit Jayne with the Killing Joke but Jayne kicked out. Jayne threw the chair at Kasey then gave her a DVD on it. Kasey set the chair up between the turnbuckles and whipped Jayne into it to knock her out of the ring to the floor. Back in the ring, Kasey gave Jayne a powerbomb off the ropes on the top points of  two set up chairs in the ring. She later brought out lemons and a bag of thumbtacks from under the ring. Jayne slammed her in the tacks and squeezed lemon juice on her back. They exchanged German Suplex into the tacks. Kasey sent Jayne face first into the tacks with a running double knee shot to the back of the head. Jayne powerbombed Kasey right in the tack pile. Jayne brought out a table from under the ring. Kasey recovered and hit the Killing Joke but did not go for a pin.

Eve International Champion Kasey pinned Emersyn Jayne after slamming her off the ropes into the table in the ring.

The announcers said Skye Smitson was stuck in traffic. The crew is cleaning up the ring. Dann Read said the next show is October 2 and it will stream live. He said Jetta might have a concussion after the attack by The Uprising and may not be in the Rumble. He said Smitson is late so the Rumble is next and The Gambler will be revealed whether Smitson makes it to the show or not at the end of the broadcast. This ends the free portion of the event. 

The Rumble interval is every 60 seconds with over the top rope to the floor rules. Laura Di Matteo and Zoe Lucas start off at #1 and #2. 

Di Matteo eliminated Lucas in just a few seconds.

#3 Maddison Miles 

Di Mattteo eliminated Miles

#4- Alexxis Falcon 

#5- Kira Chimera 

#6- Ava White 

#7- Debbie Keitel 

#8- Natallie Skyes 

#9- Clementine 

#10- Gia Adams

#11- Amira Blair 

#12- Lana Austin 

#13- KT Hawkins 

Debbie Keitel was eliminated.

#14- Mercedes Blaze 

Ava White eliminated 

Chimera eliminated 

#15- NightShade 

#16- Sammi Baynz

#17- Jayla Dark (coming out of retirement for one night)

Alexxis Falcon eliminated.

#18- nobody came out so it was Jetta’s spot.

#19- Livvii Grace 

Baynz eliminated 

Clementine eliminated by Grace and NightShade

#20- Erin Angel

#21- Ronnie Knox 

Blair eliminated 

#22- Darcy Stone 

Lana Austin and KT eliminated. Gia as well. 

#23- Kasey 

#24- Jetta is out so we don’t know who was #18.

#25- Alex Windsor 

Darcy Stone eliminated 

Blaze eliminated 

#26- the announcers said it was supposed to be Emersyn Jayne but she’s not been medically cleared after wrestling earlier.

#27- Debbie Sharpe 

#28- Angel Hayze 

Hayze eliminated Alex Windsor.

Angel Hayze has been eliminated 

#29- Leah Owens leaves color commentary to compete in the match

Kasey eliminated Leah. Di Matteo eliminated Kasey. Kasey eliminated Di Matteo from the outside.

#30- EVE Champion Rhia O’Reilly 

Leah Owens is already back doing color commentary.

Rhia eliminated Knox and Skyes. Debbie Sharpe eliminated. Natalie Skyes eliminated. 

Rhia eliminated Jayla Dark. 

Jetta and Angel eliminated Grace. 

Rhia eliminated Erin Angel.

Jetta eliminated NightShade

Rhia and Jetta are the last two but NightShade and Grace stay at ringside to try to help Rhia.

Jetta won the Rumble and the title by eliminating Rhia O’Reilly. Rhia thought she won the match but Angel placed a chair down on the floor so Jetta wouldn’t land with both feet on the floor.  This is the first time Jetta has won the title in her career with the company. 

Skye Smitson came out and started cussing at the crowd and about the company. The feed briefly cut out but when it came back on Charlie Morgan made a triumphant return from injury and was revealed as The Gambler.

Charlie Morgan pinned Skye Smitson after the Implant DDT. She looked glowing and refreshed in her return. She still is a daredevil and did a flop dive off a huge ladder on Smitson while brawling in the crowd. The baby face locker room came out to congratulate her. She cut a promo and said there’s only one Charlie Morgan and only one EVE. She thanked the crowd for coming back. She congratulated Jetta on winning the title. The two are a couple in real life. Jetta’s music played and Morgan put her up on her shoulder like Randy Savage and Elizabeth as fireworks went off.

The broadcast ended but there will be a meeting and greet and after party at the show for VIP Ticket Holders.

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