Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling “Spring Tour ‘22” Results 4/24/22


Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling “Spring Tour ‘22” results from Tokyo, Japan πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ at Ryogoku KFC Hall on 4/24/22 live on WRESTLE UNIVERSE:

Shoko Nakajima is not on the show because she is in the UK. (She worked EVE’s “Global Women Strike 3” event on 4/23/22 and defeated Alex Windsor by pin after the diving senton).

Yuki Aino pinned Mahiro Kiryu after the Venus DDT 

Rika Tatsumi beat Kaya Toribami by submission with a figure four leg lock.

Suzume and Arisu Endo beat Yuki Kamifuku and Haruna Neko when Suzume pinned Neko after the Ring A Bell.

Hyper Misao beat Raku by submission with a chicken wing.

Miyu Yamashita and Maki Itoh beat Miu Watanabe and Pom Harajuku when Itoh submitted Harajuku to the Itoh Punish.

Hikari Noa, Nao Kakuta, and Moka Miyamoto beat Yuka Sakazaki, Mizuki, and Yuki Arai when Noa pinned Mizuki with a bridging clutch.

STARDOM Results 4/23/22

STARDOM results from Kobe, Japan πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ at Kobe Sambo Hall on 4/23/22:

Lady C won a 3-Way Match over Miyu Amasaki and Waka Tsukiyama by getting the fall on Tsukiyama in  7:09.

Utami Hayashishita pinned Ruaka with a German Suplex in 7:04.

Saya Kamitani and AZM beat Koguma and Momo Kohgo when AZM pinned Kohgo in 10:10. Kamitani and AZM want a future shot at the Goddesses of STARDOM Tag Team Titles currently held by Starlight Kid and Momo Watanabe. 

Starlight Kid, Momo Watanabe, and Saki Kashima beat Giulia, Thekla, and Mai Sakurai when Kashima pinned Thekla in 11:45.

Syuri, MIRAI, and Ami Sorei beat Mayu Iwatani, Hazuki, and Saya Iida when Syuri submitted Iida in 14:37.

Artists of STARDOM Champions Maika, Natsupoi, and Himeka went to a 30-minute time limit draw with Tam Nakano, Unagi Sayaka, and Mina Shirakawa. Starlight Kid, Momo Watanabe, and Saki Kashima came out to be the next challengers.

Vixens Wrestling Revolution “Come Out & Play” Results 4/16/22: Title Change!


Vixens Wrestling Revolution “Come Out & Play” from Houston, Texas, USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ at Houston Premier Arena on 4/16/22 now on Title Match Network:

Jacob King, Emily Taylor, and Amaris Blair are the broadcast team.

Phoebe pinned Super Oprah after a hammerlock pedigree when Oprah missed a splash in the corner.

Katalina Perez pinned Missa Kate with a roll up after the referee took away a chair Kate brought in the ring to try to use as a weapon. This was a contenders match for the VWR Title.

Gigi Rey pinned Insidious Sid Mars after the “Gigi From The Block” blockbuster finisher. This was a contenders match for the Genesis Title.

Muneca De Plata pinned Sadika in a Doors Match after a Spanish Fly into a door set up between two chairs in the ring.

Hyan beat VWR Champion Raychell Rose by count out when Rose intentionally walked out of the match to retain the title.

General Manager Haley Danielle came out on the stage and stopped Raychell Rose from going back to the locker room. She took the title from Rose and told her the show wasn’t going to end like this. She ordered Rose to go back to the ring and face Hyan in another match. Rose refused. Danielle said if Rose didn’t comply she would be stripped of the title and it would be awarded to Hyan. Rose said she would make sure she gets herself counted out again then. Danielle said she was making it No Disqualifications and No Count Outs.

Hyan won the VWR Title from Raychell Rose after the Beauty Sleep on a chair when Rose accidentally knocked the chair into her own face against the ropes.

Rise of the Vixens 3 will be the next show on 5/28/22 in Texas City, Texas at Booker T’s World Gym Arena. Hyan will defend against KiLynn King. Also announced so far is Laynie Luck, Jazmin Allure, Rache Chanel, and Mia Friday. Title Match Network will broadcast it but I don’t know as of this report if it will be live or VOD. Tickets are available here:

Marvelous Results 4/20/22: Tag League Tournament Finals Set

Marvelous results from Tokyo,Japan πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ at Shinkiba 1st Ring on 4/20/22 live on ZAIKO:

Leo Isaka pinned Bryan Ishizaka with a hurricanrana in 7:57.

Chikayo Nagashima and Anchamu beat Tomoko Watanabe and Kaoru Ito by count out in a AAAW Tag League A Block Match in 12:52 for 2 points

Takumi Iroha and Hibiscus Mii went to a 20-minute time limit draw with Yuna Manase and YuuRI in a AAAW Tag League A Block Match for 1 point each because of the draw. Manase and YuuRI end up finishing the tournament with 2 points total after going to a double count out with Nagashima and Anchamu for a point each on 3/5/21. They lost to Itoh and Watanabe on 3/22/22.

Rin Kadokura and Itsuki Aoki beat Ai Houzan and Yurika Oka in a AAAW Tag League B Block Match when Aoki pinned Houzan after a frog splash in 15:51 for 2 points.

Makoto and Maria beat Yuki Miyazaki and Riko Kawahata in a AAAW Tag League B Block Match when Makoto pinned Kawahata with a clutch in 14:31 for 2 points. This set up singles match with Maria vs. Kawahata on 5/1/22 at Korakuen Hall.

The finals of the tournament take place on 5/1/22 at Korakuen Hall with Ito and Watanabe vs. Kadokura and Aoki. The winners will become the new AAAW Tag Team Champions. It will also air on ZAIKO.

A Block

Kaoru Ito and Tomoko Ito - 4 points

Chikayo Nagashima and Ancham - 3 points

Hibiscus Mii and Takumi Iroha - 3 points

Yuna Manase and YuuRi - 2 points

B Block

Rin Kadokura and Itsuki Aoki - 4 points

Makoto and Maria - 3 points

Riko Kawahata and Yuki Miyazaki - 3 points

Yurika Oka and Ai Houzan - 2 points 

More WWE Releases This Week


WWE has released Sara Cummins today. She was the Senior Vice President of Consumer Products.

We’ve also been told some members of the WWE Performance Center might be released soon as well.

STARDOM Match Results From NJPW WK 16 (Night 2) 1/5/22


The STARDOM “Special Match” was the second bout on the main card of New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Wrestle Kingdom 16 (Night 2) in Tokyo, Japan πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ at the Tokyo Dome on 1/5/22. It aired live on New Japan World.

Tam Nakano and Saya Kamitani beat Mayu Iwatani and Starlight Kid when Kamitani pinned Kid after the Phoenix Splash in 9:14.

The next STARDOM event is on 1/8/22 at Korakuen Hall with the following card:

AZM vs. Momo Watanabe

Utami Hayshishita and Saya Kamitani vs. Tam Nakano and Unagi Sayaka 

Syuri, Maika, and MIRAI vs. Mina Shirakawa, Mai Sakurai, and Waka Tsukiyama

Giuila and Thekla vs. Starlight Kid and Ruaka 

Mayu Iwatani, Hazuki, and Hanan vs. Saki Kashima, Fukigen Death, and Rina 

Himeka vs. Lady C vs. Koguma in a 3-Way Match 

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling Results 1/4/22: Title Change!

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling results from Tokyo, Japan πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ at Korakuen Hall on 1/4/22 live on WRESTLE UNIVERSE:

Zyuria Nagano was introduced to the crowd before the show. She will be making her TJPW debut on 3/19/22 at Sumo Hall. Nagano is a neurosurgery nurse, a martial arts champion, and an actress.

Arisu Endo and Suzume beat Moka Miyamoto and Mahiro Kiryu when Endo submitted Miyamoto to a Camel Clutch.

Shoko Nakajima beat Hyper Misao in a Saving Tiger Ladder Match. There was a stuffed animal tiger hanging above the ring as the object to win. Nakajima did a big diving senton off the top of the ladder onto Misao then climbed up to grab the tiger. They were allowed to use weapons in the ring and Nakajima once again brought out the huge plastic Godzilla action figures instead of thumbtacks.

Miu Watanabe and Rika Tatsumi beat Yuki Kamifuku and Nao Kakuta when Watanabe pinned Kamifuku after the Tear Drop. Kamifuku at one point did the Famouser on Watanabe and Tatsumi together at the same time. When she tried it again, Watanabe caught her and gave her the giant swing.

Nodoka Onesan (aka Nodoka Tenma’s alter ego), Yuki Aino, and Haruna Neko beat Pom Harajuku, Raku, and Marika Kobashi when Nodoka pinned Harajuku after a Samoan Drop. Tenma is retiring in March. She asked Harajuku to take over the children’s character alter ego gimmick when she’s gone. Harajuku simply said “no” in comedy fashion. Kobashi is leaving TJPW in April but she said she doesn’t want to use the word retirement and could return one day. 

Yuka Sakazaki pinned Yuki Arai after the Magical Merry Go Round. It was a hard fought match for Arai who is really improving each time out. They story was that she got close here to a big win but she still needs more experience.

Maki Itoh won the International Princess Title from Hikari Noa with the Itoh Deluxe submission hold to win the title. The is the second time Itoh has held the title. She defeated Yuna Manase to win it the first time in October 2019 and she lost it to Thunder Rosa in January 2020.

Princess of Princess Champion Miyu Yamashita pinned Mizuki after the Crash Rabbit Heat. Very strong match with Yamashita retaining in her fourth defense and making her look almost unstoppable. Mizuki cried afterwards. She slapped away Yamashita’s hand when Yamashita wanted to shake hands then left to the locker room with Yuka Sakazaki (Mizuki and Sakazaki are the current Princess Tag Team Champions). Yamashita said he next defense will be on the 3/19/22 show. She called out Shoko Nakajima and Nakajima came to the ring to accept the title shot. 

STARDOM 2021 Award Winners

Here is the list of winners of the STARDOM Awards from the special ceremony held on 1/3/22:

MVP - Utami Hayashishita 

Special Award - Mayu Iwatani 

Best Match - Tam Nakano vs. Giulia from 3/3/21 (their hair vs. hair match which saw Nakano defeat Giulia for the Wonder of STARDOM Title). 

Best Tag Team - Hazuki and Koguma

Best Unit - Oedo Tai (Natsuko Tora, Starlight Kid, Momo Watanabe, Ruaka, Rina, and Saki Kashima) 

SHINING Award - Starlight Kid

Outstanding Performance - Syuri

Fighting Spirit - Unagi Sayaka

Best Technique - Saya Kamitani

The match results of the show, including a few big angles are here:

STARDOM “STARDOM Award 2021” Results 1/3/22: Masked Duo Revealed

STARDOM “STARDOM Award 2021” from Tokyo, Japan πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ at Belle Salle Takadonobaba on 1/3/22 live and free on YouTube: 

I don’t know how long this show will remain up on YouTube. It could be pulled at any point and moved to STARDOM World as they see fit.

Rina, Ruaka, and Stardom beat Waka Tsukiyama, Lady C, and Mina Shirakawa when Ruaka pinned Tsukiyama after the Freezer Bomb in 10:39. After the match, Kid said Oedo Tai wants a title shot at the Artists of STARDOM Titles. She told STARDOM Executive Producer Ross Ogawa (who was sitting at the time keeper’s table) to make the match.

Syuri, Maika, Himeka, and NatsuPoi beat Mayu Iwatani, Hazuki, Koguma, and Hanan when Himeka pinned Koguma with the running powerbomb out of the corner in 13:35.

Saya Kamitani, Utami Hayshishita, and AZM  beat Momo Watanabe, Fukigen Death, and Saki Kashima when AZM submitted Kashima with the Numero Uno in 16:21. After the match, all of the other Oedo Tai members rushed in the ring and attacked AZM. A big brawl broke out and Lady C ran in to help out AZM, Kamitani, and Hayshishita. AZM challenged Watanabe to a singles match. Hayshishita asked Lady C to join Queen’s Quest and she accepted.

During the ring entrance of Donna del Mondo at the main event, the masked duo immediately unmasked to reveal themselves. They are Mirai Maiumi and Thekla. Maiumi left Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling back in September and Thekla left Ice Ribbon at the end of November. I think everyone was surprised that they were immediately revealed instead of waiting until during the match or after the match.

Giulia, Mirai Maiumi, and Thekla beat Tam Nakano, Unagi Sayaka, and Mai Sakurai when Thekla pinned Sakurai after the Poison Spider Drop in 19:37. Giulia gloated after the match. Thekla speaks multiple languages. She spoke in English and introduced herself to the crowd then in Japanese. Mirai spoke next. She’s only going by the first name in STARDOM. Thekla and Giulia hugged with excitement as they were in Ice Ribbon together a few years ago, then Giuila jumped to STARDOM in late 2019. Giulia brought in Syuri, Himeka, Maika, and NatsuPoi to join them all in the ring and pose for the cameras as Donna del Mondo is in full force.